Rex MD consultations are designed to be convenient, thorough, and tailored to your specific health needs -- especially within our GLP-1 program.

Here's how the consultation process works:

  1. Complete onboarding: After signing up for the Rex MD Weight Management Program, you'll need to complete the onboarding process. This involves submitting necessary medical, address, and identity verification information. This step is crucial as it allows our medical team to comply with telehealth regulations and prepare for your appointment.

  2. Doctor review: After submitting your information, a licensed healthcare provider will review your health information, discuss your weight loss goals, and if appropriate, prescribe GLP-1 medication. This medication will be delivered to you with overnight shipping.

  3. Follow-ups and ongoing support: After your approval, you'll have monthly check-ins with a medical provider as part of the GLP-1 program. These check-in appointments are crucial for reviewing your progress, adjusting your treatment plan if necessary, and renewing your prescription for GLP-1 medications.

Remember, our goal at Rex MD is to make your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life as seamless and supported as possible.

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